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Silence Of Silence, in it’s history, has only been supported by fund raising events. This video is a great example of our history. Silent Productions from Saddle Back College in Orange County performed a 2 hour production at the Poway Center of Performing Arts for our deaf community in San Diego. They were comprised of 45 deaf, hard of hearing and hearing actors, 400 were in attendance from all over southern California. As each deaf person entered they were given a balloon to hold in their lap. Balloons are synthetic and picks up every sound vibration so the deaf can enjoy the experience. The production was made up of a series of mini dramas and musicals and audience participation. It was an amazing night. Enjoy this video

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The Need is great! The deaf community faces challenges most in our community and social agencies are unaware of. In fact approx 80 % of those who get involved in the deaf community (as an interpreter or a signer adding asl to their resume or in social work) quit within the first year because the challenges in the deaf community can be very emotional and overwhelming and time consuming. This video was created by a visitor to our group, a college student and teacher, as an educational tool to help our community understand the need to help support agencies like Signs Of Silence. Thank you.

Signs Of Silence has a history of bringing opportunities and the deaf together. In 2007 a group from Huntington Beach Challenged our agency to “Pay It Forward”. They gave us $1000 and asked us to create a community event with the $1000 and give the money away. So we created a Christmas Party for our deaf community. At Sizzlers Restaurant in Escondido. We asked everyone to bring $13 a each for the buffet and to purchase raffle tickets. They were totally unaware of the Giving Challenge. 72 people came. Laid out on tables were about 25 gifts, all wrapped, for the raffle. As the video plays out you will see that we surprised them and paid for their dinner and all raffle tickets were free.

We also decided to use some of the items (prearranged), the bikes, and honor our CODA (children of a deaf adult) kids because they are raised with the added responsibility of signing and interpreting for their deaf parents. The night was a huge success.

Enjoy this video…..

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