About Us 

Founded by Roy Hensley in 1996.
Every story has it's beginning.  Ours began on Valentines day in 1991... 

Every story has a beginning. Ours began on Valentines day in 1991 when a deaf friend, age 30, died at home because 911 was not equipped to respond to a deaf call for help. As a result of this tragedy we took the next 5 years to research our deaf community in San Diego and in June 1996 Signs Of Silence began.

Since we began in 1996 Signs Of Silence has a record of accomplishments we love to tell the world. Why ? Because we’ve made a difference one deaf person at a time. Our accomplishments is what sets us apart from any other agency anywhere and why we have been recognized as the worlds #1 agency for Deaf services since the year 2000. Thank you for being a part of our history.


  • 17 million reached worldwide

  • 7000 jobs to date

  • 10,000 referred for food and clothing assistance

  • 4000 referred for housing assistance

  • 300 Deaf teens through P.A.C.E. (Positive Alternatives through Challenge and Experience), our deaf teen club

  • 15 Countries served outside the United States

  • 700 Newspaper Articles about our agency

  • 12 appearances on CNN

  • 6 call-in Radio station appearances

  • Channel 10 Leadership Award

  • Invitations to The White House, Good Morning America and Talk Shows in NY

  • 10 Who’s Who Awards

  • Business of the year 17 years in a row.

  • 2 Wall Street Journal Feature Articles

  • S.O.S. President was nominated Man Of The Year 7 times

  • S.O.S. was chosen as the agency to interpret for George W. Bush, Ross Perot, Colin Powell, Allan Keys and Barak Obama ,Judge Judy , Switched At Birth TV Show, Natalie Merchant and more.