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Signs Of Silence (S.O.S.) is an agency in North San Diego County Serving the  Deaf and Hard Of Hearing since 1996

Welcome To Signs Of Silence, recognized as the top agency in the world for deaf services since the year 2000.

Signs Of Silence recognizes that services are limited and many times not readily accessible. Our Mission is to improve and expand existing services by bringing opportunities and the deaf together.

We are not here to compete but rather partner with every agency in San Diego and beyond to ensure the needs of our deaf are met. Please feel free to reach out to us 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Thank you. 


Job Placement Services


San Diegos working age deaf population is about 65%. Here at SOS we have eliminated that barrier and to date we have placed about 7000 deaf in employment. Your success is our goal.  

 Food and Clothing Resources 

Because many deaf rely on assistance just to make ends meet, their needs are very real. SOS has created a list of resources to meet that need. Let us know how we can help.!


 Housing Referrals 


There are a number of resources SOS can provide, although it has become more difficult with waiting lists for low income. The best resource is 211 San Diego. Let us now how we can help!

Interpreting Services

Listed below are a number of Interpreting Services in San Diego. We are not exclusive! Meeting your needs is our #1 goal

 Calendar Of Events

The Deaf community culturally is very social. We have created a calendar of events to meet that need AND to create an opportunity for asl students to connect to locally. Hope to see you soon.

Contact Us

Signs Of Silence is accessible 24/7 for any need you have or if you simply need to talk. Another reason why we were voted #1 



Since we began in 1996 Signs Of Silence has a record of accomplishments we love to tell the world. Why? Because we’ve made a difference one deaf person at a time. Our accomplishments is what sets us apart from any other agency anywhere and why we have been recognized as the worlds #1 agency for Deaf services since the year 2000. Thank you for being a part of our history.

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