Board Of Directors


The Success of any non-profit agency is reflected by the Board of Directors it has. Unlike most agencies who experience alot of turnover and changes as it grows, Signs Of Silence hasn’t.  Most non-profit agencies fail within the first 2 years of business as well, Signs Of Silence hasn’t. We have a solid foundation, a simple purpose and  clear direction. Please meet our Board of Directors, the people behind the story…..


Roy Hensley- President (hearing)- Roy comes from a Banking Background for 10 years. He currently owns 4 businesses. When he was 17 his older sister married a deaf man. Soon after Roy decided to take ASL classes to communicate with his brother-in-law. After completing ASL 4 he met Jon and Debbie Thurman, deaf couple, who mentored him into the deaf world. One year later Debbie Thurman died at home because 911 was not equipped to respond to a deaf call for help. It was from that tragedy Signs Of Silence was born. Roy’s motto is “It’s not a problem, it’s an opportunity to make a difference”.

Mike Covington- Vice President (hard of hearing)- Mike Covington was a 16 year old deaf teen attending Carlsbad HS when S.O.S. started. He was one of the original deaf teens in our deaf teen group. He immediately showed leadership skills amongst his peers. Self motivated and determined and idea driven. He has worked since HS and has helped many in the deaf community connect with S.O.S..

Phillip Wolf- Treasurer (hard of hearing)- Introduced to S.O.S. through our community events. Phillip has a quiet personality but very loyal to a cause he believes in. Stable and undeterred, Phillip is a solid role model. He also works and has held the same job for over 25 years.


Patricia Padgette- Secretary (deaf)- Patricia was introduced to S.O.S. as a client of the interpreting service while working as an employee of MAAC, now retired.  She’s organized and also a connector. She loves her family and has right priorities. She also responds well to challenges and is also loyal to a cause.


Jeannie Brown- Assistant Secretary (deaf)- Jeannie was introduced to S.O.S. through our events calendar and our fund raising events. She has a true human interest story. She comes from a working background but spent most of her life raising an only child. She is a student of learning and has developed into a servants role.